40 per cent of electronics engineers find thermal simulation “too complex and time consuming”

40 per cent of electronics engineers consider thermal simulation to be either too complex or too time consuming, with many choosing to ‘over-engineer’ their designs rather than optimise thermal performance earlier in the design process. That’s according to new research from 6SigmaET, which surveyed over 350 professional engineers on their understanding of thermal management as a catalyst for reliability in electronics design.


Given the complicated nature of thermal management, 62 per cent of engineers agreed that they would rather over-engineer their devices than attempt to use thermal simulation tools to genuinely improve the performance of their designs. A third also agreed that thermal issues remain an “irritation” that they could do without.


These findings come following research by 6SigmaET to determine how well existing thermal simulation tools are serving today’s electronics market. The survey was conducted in conjunction with the launch of the latest version of 6SigmaET – Release 10. The new release introduces a host of additional features designed to streamline the thermal simulation process for engineers, while accelerating solve times, enhancing accuracy and enabling the rapid creation of more complex, and therefore true-to-life, models.


Commenting on the new research findings, and the launch of Release 10, Tom Gregory, product manager at 6SigmaET, said: “It’s clear that a lot of engineers still don’t feel comfortable creating thermal simulations of their designs, a fact which is not being helped by the complex nature of most thermal simulation tools currently on the market.


“This was one of the reasons why we chose to take a completely fresh approach to the new release of 6SigmaET, placing user experiences at the heart of our software design. As our research shows, design engineers don’t want to devote hundreds of hours to learning about the complexities of thermal simulation, instead they just want a tool which accelerate the design process and helps to take some of the load off. That is exactly what we have set out to develop with Release 10.”


To find out more about the role of thermal simulation in electronics design, or to download a demo of 6SigmaET Release 10, visit http://www.6sigmaet.info/



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