4.6” Stretch/Bar TFT LCD

Stretch or Bar TFT LCD offer a good display solution for industrial products and white goods where space can be at a premium. Craft Data’s compact 4.6” version (S046QWV11HS) offers very high resolution of 800×320 pixels within a small active area of just 108.0 x 43.20mm plus with its small footprint of 120.7 x 56.16 x 3.1mm it makes an ideal display choice when a dynamic GUI is needed on a small screen. The module incorporates a 24-Bit RGB interface allowing for a 16.7M colour palette and coupling this with a high brightness 550 cd/m² LED backlight plus a 600:1 contrast ratio a very good optical performance is achieved. To increase the modules functionality a 5-point (multi-touch) projected capacitive touch (PCT) option is also available, allowing engineers to streamline their designs by removing the need for push buttons and dials etc..


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