32GB FlashAir cards simplify wireless photo sharing between devices and social media sites

Toshiba Electronics Europe has expanded its range of next-generation FlashAir wireless LAN SD cards, with the launch of a 32GB SD card. The card features a new “internet pass-through” mode that is intended to further simplify photo sharing. Once a mobile device is connected to the FlashAir card, the internet pass-through functionality enables the device to access the internet via a wireless access point.

At a time when digital cameras have achieved immense popularity, users want a quick and easy way to share photographs and to transfer them to online storage services, social media and other devices. FlashAir SD cards looked to address that need by embedding wireless LAN functionality into an SDHC card, supporting peer-to-peer transfers.

Connecting to FlashAir has now been made easier and the card owner can restrict and allow which photos to share. Photographs and movies stored on the memory cards can be accessed wirelessly from PCs as well as mobile devices running both iOS and Android with apps available to download from the iTunes app store and GooglePlay.

With previous versions of the FlashAir firmware, when a smartphone or tablet was connected to a FlashAir SDHC card, it was disconnected from the internet as those devices can only connect to one WiFi network at a time and the FlashAir card did not provide internet access. This led to users having to swap between the FlashAir card and WiFi connections when they wanted to upload an image to a social media site.

The inclusion of the internet pass through mode in the new firmware removes the need for users to swap between a WiFi connection and the FlashAir card when uploading images.

This new functionality will also be made available for the recently introduced 8GB and 16GB Speed Class 10 FlashAir cards running earlier firmware versions, which can be updated by using the Firmware Update Tool.



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