3-in-1 LEV Power Manager for electromobility, power supplies and backup solutions by HGPower

At electronica 2018 in Munich (Hall A5/549), Changzhou based brand HGPower launches an exciting innovation in power management for electromobility. The LEV “3-in-1 Power Manager” is a unique combination of On-Board-Charger (OBC), DC/DC converter and the power distribution Unit (PDU) as a complete unit.

The 3-in-1 Power Manager offers many advantages for electrification of a vehicle compared to single components. The customer receives a harmonised power module, which allows quick and easy system integration. Combining the various devices in a single housing eliminates the need for high cost power connectors and control cables between the single components. Thus potential sources of error and offers the user economic benefits by eliminating connectors and cables and simplifying assembly are reduced. A lower system weight compared to separate components and a reduced overall space requirement, perfectly serve customers’ needs.

The HGPower 3-in-1 LEV Power Manager is integrated into the vehicle communication via a CAN 2.0 interface. With an output power of 6.6KW, the system is suitable for single-phase power supply at the house lateral. The DC/DC converter with an output power of 150W at 5V, 12V and 24V DC provides sufficient power to supply system components. The HGPower “3-in-1 Power Manager” is ideal for use in LEV’s (such as e-scooters, electric boats, industrial trucks), AGV’s, etc. If required, the electrical parameters and the software of the “3-in-1 Power Manager” can be adapted to customer-specific requirements, supported by the experienced team of HGPower GmbH, located in Boxberg in Baden-Württemberg.


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