2W low cost DC/DC converters offer high isolation

RECOM has released the RKZE series, a low cost solution for applications that require high isolation and operate in wide temperature ranges. The PCB mount DC/DC modules are pin-compatible to RECOM’s RK and RH converter series enabling easy power upgrade options with identical footprint.

The RKZE series is a cost-effective 2W DC/DC converter in an industry standard SIP7 case. The extended operating temperature range runs from -40°C to +95°C, making these converters suitable for demanding environments in industrial, test and measurement applications as well as high-volume manufacturing. They are pin-compatible with the RK and RH converter series, offering a simple way to upgrade to a 2W high isolation supply from 1W. Standard isolation is 3kVDC, and the /H version is factory tested to 4kVDC. Single or dual outputs are available with optional continuous short circuit protection (/P suffix). EN62368-1 certification and EN55032 EMC compliances make these converters ready for easy integration into any IoT and Industry 4.0 PCB design. Samples and OEM pricing are available from all authorised distributors or directly from RECOM.


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