20×4 3.3V High contrast display with SPI

MMS Electronics Ltd – a supplier of sensor and display products has announced the release of a new 3.3V 20×4 high-contrast alphanumeric LCD display. The EA DIP203-4 is available in 3 versions:  black character-on-yellow/green EA DIP203-4NLED, white-on-blue EA DIP203B-4NLW and black-on-white EA DIP203J-4NLW. The LCD controller SSD1803 is 90% HD44780 compatible and has built-in character set of 240 characters, letters and symbols.  Interface available is 4 bit,  8 bit or high speed SPI.   Built-in automatic temperature compensation eliminates the need for contrast re-adjustment.  The display is powered from a single 3.3V supply and only requires  1.5mA with backlight off. The display with white LED backlight uses max. 45mA and the yellow/green LED backlight 150mA. The extended temperature range of –20 to +70º C makes this display is suitable for industrial applications.  No screws, nuts or spacers are required to mount these displays they simply plug into a socket or solder into the PCB. A second model EA DIP203-6NLW with large 6.5mm characters in 20×4 format is available. This display has 16 icons such as battery, arrows, phone and letter symbols.

Other available sizes in this compact DIP series are 1×8, 2×8, 2×16, 4×20 character displays and 122×32, 128×64 180×32, 240×128 graphic display.

MMS Electronics Ltd is a supplier of quality LCD, TFT, OLED and Intelligent displays with serial, I2C, SPI, USB, RS-232 and RS-485 interface. The intelligent eDIP displays enable companies to improve product to market time, add reliability and reduce engineering cost.

In addition MMS-e supplies a chip on glass displays. The EA DOG display family spans character and graphic displays with the formats of 1×8, 2×16, 3×16, 102×64, 132×32, 128×64 and 160×104. These displays are available in a variety of colours by combination of the display glass and 5 different colour backlights or a full RGB backlight. The overall height is only 2mm or 6.5 mm with LED backlight. Supply voltage +3.3V to 5V for the alphanumeric displays and +3.3V for graphic displays.  For all displays a 4 wire analogue touch-screen is available.

In addition MMS Electronics supplies sensor products from Smartec BV and Excelera.

  • Digital temperature sensors SMT160-30 with PWM output.
  • Infra-red temperature sensor modules with calibrated I2C output.
  • Digital and analogue pressure sensors.
  • Digital transducer interface UTI and USTI for resistive and capacitive measurements
  • Universal Frequency-to-Digital Converters (UFDC-1) with RS232, SPI and I2C interface. These transducers can measure signals in the frequency domein with very high accuracy. 

Please contact MMS Electronics Ltd with your display or sensor enquiries.

MMS Electronics Ltd

Tel 01943 877668


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