2 channel TFT Programmable voltmeter

2 Channel TFT voltmeter

MMS Electronics Ltd, supplier of display and sensor products has available an easy programmable TFT voltmeter with snap in bezel. The meters have two analogue input channels with input range from 0 to 40V DC, 2 alarm outputs and SPI/I²C port. Versions with 4-20mA inputs and a waterproof model is available. The free Windows™ software connects to the meter via the USB port. With the software the user can select the meter picture shown on the TFT display, select the background picture, text colour, input scaling, calibration and alarm outputs. It is even possible to select a picture or logo that is shown for a few seconds at power-on. The displays are available in 2.4” (MS SGD-24), 2.8” (MS SGD-28) and 3.5” MS SGD-35. Applications are voltmeters, battery indication, tank level, temperature and pressure meters just to name a few. To discuss your application contact MMS Electronics Ltd.

For further details visit www.mmselectronics.co.uk/lcdpanelmeter.htm

Please contact MMS Electronics Ltd with your display and sensor inquiries.

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