14-pin Logic from Diodes Incorporated upgrades performance

Diodes Incorporated has announced a 74LV family of low voltage CMOS logic parts, offering speed and power advantages over legacy 74AHC and 74HC alternatives. Provided in a choice of 14-pin TSSOP and SOIC packages, the new general purpose logic devices will suit a broad range of computing, networking and consumer electronic products.

Ten of the most common logic functions have initially been introduced: Quad 2-input AND, NAND, NAND with Schmitt trigger inputs, OR and XOR gates, along with 3 different types of hex inverter and a hex buffer with open drains. Running off a wide 2.0V to 5.5V supply range, Diodes” 74LV parts will support both mini cell backed portable and traditional 5V applications.

With an optimised drive capability, typically delivering 12mA at 4.5V, the 74LV logic provides a stronger, faster switching output than the older 74HC or 74AHC parts. In addition, IOFF output circuitry is a design feature across the family, disabling devices when powered down, to prevent exposure to harmful back currents.

Inputs are also 5.5V tolerant, enabling the logic devices to operate comfortably in voltage translations duties. And drawing less than 1µA in many applications, the 74LV parts will meet the requirements of a variety of energy sensitive circuit designs.



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