“The Interconnection Specialist” expands range

As a specialist supplier of connectors and cable assemblies for almost 30 years, Selwyn Electronics needs to keep up with market trends and ensure that their range of products evolves with these changes. Their latest addition is a range of waterproof connectors, which are particularly suitable to marine and led lighting applications. Coupled with their range of industrial and high performance push-locking circular connectors, they can now offer a circular connector solution for all applications, and within all budgets. Alongside their other strengths of RF connectors, PCB connectors, high speed I/O  connectors, custom adapters and BGA sockets, not to mention the strong emphasis that they place on Engineering support, they really are a one-stop shop for connectors and connector advice. And, coupled with their ability to manufacture high quality, economical custom cable assemblies in both the UK and China, they really can be considered as “The Interconnection Specialists”.

Website:          www.selwyn.co.uk

Email:              Interconnect@selwyn.co.uk

Tel:                  01732 765100

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