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Get an overview of Fischer Connectors’ electrical and optical connectivity solutions in a variety of test, measurement & sensing applications – on roads and railways; in buildings, labs and data centers; in pipelines and on wind turbines; underwater and in vehicles, both manned and unmanned. more
Home - 13 February 2017

The Lab-Power, Lab-DC Range of 19-Inch 2U Programmable Rack-Mountable DC Power Supplies are available from 3-10kW with output voltage more
Power - 18 March 2016 - Lab-Power

Coda-Pin ® spring loaded components can be used as the electrical interface in docking stations and portable instruments. more

Fischer FiberOptic Connecting Solutions for all Environments more
Interconnection - 13 November 2014 - Fischer Connectors

DesignSpark and LPRS are running a concept competition based around the Internet of Things. We are inviting Design Engineers, Thinkers, Makers, everyone to submit a concept based around an application for the IoT which uses LPRS’ eRIC transceiver modules and a wireless gateway. The application could solve an existing problem or it could be a completely new invention. more
Wireless & Communications - 16 October 2014 - LPRS

A guide to selecting the correct charging cable and leads for your electric car. Introduced by Alan Cook, Managing Director of EV Connectors. The largest seller of electric vehicle charging cables in the UK. more
Interconnection - 16 October 2014 - EV Connectors

For handheld devices and their docking stations. more
Home - 4 April 2014 - Coda Systems

CSR has released a disruptive new Bluetooth Smart solution which will enable whole home control from a smartphone for the first time. CSR Mesh allows for an almost unlimited number of Bluetooth Smart enabled devices to be networked together. Developers will also be able to build intelligence in to the network meaning devices will be able to connect directly with one another – truly enabling the Internet of Things. more
Wireless & Communications - 26 February 2014 - CSR

Manufacturers of enclosures are required to provide an IP rating for every product, which allows designers and installers to ensure that they select the correct product for each application. But what exactly do all the numbers mean and how can you be sure you have made the correct choice? Chris Lloyd, Managing Director for Spelsberg els UK, offers an insight into IP ratings and how it affects product selection. more
Sub-Assemblies , News - 17 January 2014 - Spelsberg

UK volume supplier of electrical components, Hylec-APL, has been working with OEMs, installers and distributers in a number of industries to deliver weatherproof connection solutions to a range of high profile applications. The Tee Family range of connectors, plugs and junction boxes allows installers to make quick connections, which are ingress protected to IP68. With a number of sizes and entry options, the range is proving ideal for many applications where connections need to be protected from harsh and wet environments. more
Interconnection - 17 January 2014 - Hylec-APL

Hylec-APL has added two IP68 electrical connectors to its waterproof range which have diameters that are less than that of a one pound coin. The inline connectors both use cable gland technology to form a completely weatherproof seal without the need for silicone gel. The connectors are designed so that the terminals form part of the outer casing making the overall diameter of the connectors just 23mm. more
Interconnection - 16 January 2014 - Hylec-APL

CSR ( has developed a range of connected jewellery, powered by its latest Bluetooth® Smart solution, the CSR1012™ ( to demonstrate the future of wearable technology. more
Embedded , Wireless & Communications , Circuit Components - 7 January 2014 - CSR Plc

CSR ( has developed a range of connected jewellery, powered by its latest Bluetooth® Smart solution, the CSR1012™ ( to demonstrate the future of wearable technology. more
Embedded , Wireless & Communications , Circuit Components - 7 January 2014 - CSR Plc

Simon Finch, Head of System Integration, explains how to install CSR's ( latest development kit and talks through a heart rate profile demo. more
Wireless & Communications - 19 December 2013 - CSR

The ADXL362 consumes 2 µA @ 100 Hz in full measurement mode, and only 300 nA in motion sensing wake-up mode. In addition to its native low-power operation, the ADXL362 has additional features that enable system-level power efficiency. more
ICs & Semiconductors , Circuit Components - 19 December 2013 - Analog Devices

For handheld devices and their docking stations. more
Home , Interconnection - 5 November 2013 - Coda Systems

Intersil’s iSim is an interactive web-based design tool for selecting and simulating devices from Intersil’s broad portfolio. Currently iSim is available for Intersil’s power management devices and operational amplifiers. more
ICs & Semiconductors - 29 August 2013

GEO Semiconductor products include: eWARP, an advanced geometric processing engine for correcting distortions in ultra-wide angle cameras; sxW2, a highly integrated SOC (system-on-chip) targeted for high-volume 3-channel capture and projection light engine applications; and Realta IC, a highly integrated advanced SoC solution. more
ICs & Semiconductors , News - 8 August 2013 - GEO Semiconductor

Wireless Mike and Mr Schmee introduce eRIC's (easyRadio Integrated Controller) powerful system on chip technology and eROS (easyRadio Operating System). eRIC, half the size and half the price. See more at more
Wireless & Communications - 18 June 2013