Nanotron to showcase swarm bee location awareness technology at Geo IoT World 2018

Nanotron Technologies GmbH, a leading provider of location awareness solutions, will be putting its latest technology on show at Geo IoT World in Brussels, Belgium, June 11-13, 2018.

At booth #3, nanotron will exhibit its swarmproduct family, which neatly combines accurate UWB and long-range Chirp radio technologies in a single application. Swarmbee modules offer tag-readiness, one common API and one common pin-out to cut time-to-market for location-aware products by 12 months compared to common in-house RF design.

Nanotron’s CEO, Dr. Jens Albers, said: “UWB and Chirp work together seamlessly in swarmbee systems, providing the best of both worlds: UWB’s short-range accuracy for Exclusion Zone warning and Chirp’s longer range for vehicle-to-people Collision Avoidance Solutions.”

Nanotron will give two presentations as part of the conference:

  • Norman Dziengel, marketing manager: “Leveraging Location Data Analytics in the Mining Industry”, Tuesday, June 12 (Track 1: Large Scale Indoor Projects)
  • Thomas Förste, VP sales and marketing: “Location Data Analytics: Business insights 24/7”, Wednesday, June 13 (Track 2: When Big Data Meets IoT)

Dr. Förste also chairs the session “When Big Data meets IoT”.

For Collision Avoidance (CAS) and Exclusion Zone applications, swarmbee reacts lightning-fast to any approaching vehicle or item that comes within a pre-set distance meaning it can safely be used in vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-people situations. Existing products do not combine both use cases into one solution. Sophisticated power management tailored for mobile tags provides solid support for autonomous operation.

Tag-ready swarmbee modules only need an antenna, a battery and housing, thus enabling developers to focus on adding value through application design. This fact makes it simple to mix and match UWB and/or Chirp with proximity and/or real-time tracking in a single application.

Geo IoT World 2018 will explore location-aware IoT opportunities, with a conference featuring more than 50 speakers, and a highly focused exhibition. More than 250 attendees are expected.

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