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KEMET introduces automotive polymer capacitors

KEMET has introduced its first automotive grade polymer capacitors. The T591 High Performance Automotive Grade Polymer Tantalum Series delivers stability and endurance under harsh humidity and temperature conditions. more

Knowles provides new range of cost effective MLC capacitors
Knowles Capacitors has unveiled a new range of cost effective MLC capacitors designed for a variety of designs, including demanding applications. From the company’s Syfer Technology facility outside Norwich the PSL range of MLCCs has been manufactured using Syfer’s unique screen printing process and is suitable for power supplies, DC-DC converters, LED lighting, and other demanding applications. more
TT Electronics launches advanced metal film precision resistors
TT Electronics has launched a new precision Water Insoluble Nitride (WIN) resistor family. The new WIN series thin film chip resistors use an advanced metal film technology to provide extremely high levels of reliability and stability for precision and signal conditioning applications. more
Vishay Intertechnology makes enhancements to PTN series resistors
Vishay Intertechnology has made a number of enhancements to its PTN series of precision surface-mount thin film chip resistors with a lower absolute TCR of ± 10 ppm/°C and tighter tolerances to ± 0.05 %. Built using a self-passivated, moisture-resistant tantalum nitride resistive film technology, the Vishay Dale Thin Film devices offer high power ratings to 2 W over a wide temperature range of -55 °C to +155 °C. more
Maxwell Technologies signs agreement with Corning to advance ultra-capacitor technologies
Maxwell Technologies has announced a joint development agreement with Corning Incorporated, the aim of which is to advance the state of capacitive energy storage technology by addressing the challenges frequently cited by ultra-capacitor customers, including energy density, lifetime, operating environment, form factor and cost. more

Vishay Intertechnology offers first MIL-PRF-39006/33-qualified wet tantalum capacitor

Vishay Intertechnology has released a new tantalum-cased, hermetically sealed wet tantalum capacitor that is the industry's first qualified to the MIL-PRF-39006/33 specification. According to the company for designers, the M39006/33 (Style CLR93) offers established reliability for critical avionics and aerospace systems. more

Vishay Intertechnology has introduced a new series of screw-terminal power aluminum capacitors designed for traction and heavy-duty applications. Devices in the Vishay BCcomponents 110 PHT-ST series offer a long useful life of 10,000 hours at +85 °C and high ripple current to 19.76 A at +85 °C in large 76 mm by 146 mm and 76 mm by 220 mm case sizes. more
Vishay Intertechnology has enhanced its QUAD HIFREQ series of high-power surface-mount multilayer ceramic chip capacitors (MLCCs). Designed for high-frequency RF applications in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) coils and generators, RF instrumentation, telecom base stations, lasers, and military communications systems, the improved devices feature an extended capacitance range down to 0.1 pF in the 0505 case size and 0.2 pF in the 1111 case size; tighter capacitance tolerance down to ± 0.05 pF (code "V"); and new non-magnetic copper terminations (code "C"). more
KEMET has introduced an expanded line of Aximax High Temperature Axial Capacitors. These new offerings are based on the same material technologies that Kemet has utilized in the surface mount X8L and X8R dielectric platforms. The new axial form factor enables these technologies to be extended into high vibration environments. more

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