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Chargers and adaptors are the most recalled electrical products over the last six years at 28 per cent

Published: 11 August 2017 - 11:00 - Amy Wallington

A product recall is usually a request to return a product after a safety issue or defect has been found, which can be potentially very dangerous. The prospective dangers can include risk of an electric shock, fire, explosion, injury and overheating.


An electrical product can become subject to a product recall for several reasons. It could be due to the way an electrical product is made which could be down to a design flaw, use of inadequate materials, poor construction and faulty internal components.


Utilising information from Electrical Safety First, analysed how many electrical products and which category of goods were recalled between 2011-2016. identified 14 electrical product categories:

•    Audio visual & computers ?

•    Communication & media equipment ?

•    Construction products ?

•    Cooking appliances ?

•    Domestic appliances ?

•    Gardening & DIY ?

•    General household ?

•    Health & beauty ?

•    Heaters ?

•    Kitchen appliances ?

•    Lighting ?

•    Plugs & cables ?

•    Toys ?

•    Chargers & adaptors ?


The research revealed that there was a total of 358 recorded electrical product recalls between 2011-2016 on the Electrical Safety First database. Out of the 358 recalls, many of the recalls came from the electrical product category of chargers and adapters at 28 per cent. The second highest percentage of recalls came from lighting at 14 per cent. The third highest percentage of recalls came from kitchen appliances at 11 per cent. ?


Communication and media equipment alongside cooking and domestic appliances had the joint lowest percentage of product recalls at only one per cent each. Marginally above, was construction products at just two per cent. Overall, of the 358, 44 per cent were recalled because the product itself, components or an element of it had the sole risk of an electrical shock.


Cas Paton, managing director of commented: “Whilst product recalls are an unfortunate occurrence, it’s always done so with consumer safety at the heart of the decision. Considering every year there are thousands of new products on the market, only a small percentage having some sort of defect or fault is a testament to the high standards set by various governing bodies and authorities into product safety. Those products that do get recalled provide a valuable emphasis on the importance of rigorous testing before any electrical product is made available to the mass market.”

Source: CIE
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