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CSR and OriginGPS look to accelerate adoption of wearable devices

CSR and OriginGPS have developed a series of high-performance GNSS modules using CSR’s SiRFstarIV and SiRFstarV product lines. The modules are 70% smaller than current solutions and deliver a 30% reduction in Time To First Fix (TTFF), making them suitable for health and fitness trackers, sports watches, medical devices, wearable action cameras, and digital still cameras. All modules, including the newly released 7mm x 7mm Multi Spider (ORG4572) solution, integrate the LNA, SAW filter, TCXO, RTC crystal and RF shield.

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Peregrine introduces UltraCMOS RF power limiters
Peregrine Semiconductor has unveiled a new line of UltraCMOS RF power limiters, including the PE45140 and PE45450, which are slated for release in May. These power limiters represent the industry’s first turnkey, monolithic solutions to provide an alternative to discrete, PIN-diode limiters based on gallium arsenide (GaAs).

Latest 1kW RF power amplifier offers smaller, lighter package for military or commercial EMC test applications
Link Microtek is now making available a compact RF power amplifier that utilises high-power LDMOS technology to deliver an output of 1kW from an air-cooled 19in. chassis only 5U in height, providing a significant reduction in both size and weight compared with alternative products.


Space saving dual USB socket fits in a single XLR shell
CLIFF Electronics has introduced a Dual USB2 connector which provides two fully USB compliant sockets in a panel space-saving single XLR receptacle. USB connection to audio, broadcast, AV (audio-visual) products, instrumentation and industrial equipment is becoming more common as digital signal and control options increase and more information needs to be transferred between portable equipment, smart phones, tablets etc. which can also be charged while connected.


Industrial electronics chip market rebounds
The global market for semiconductors used in industrial electronics applications overcame a serious fall in 2012 and appears to have come back to life last year, boding well for an even more energetic 2014, according to a new research report from IHS Technology. The industrial electronics chip market finished 2013 with worldwide takings of $32.8 billion, up 9 percent on the year and which followed a 5 percent fall in 2012, a fall that had raised fears that the market was going to see a further significant downturn.


KEMET’s extended component portfolio now available from Avnet Abacus
Avnet Abacus is now carrying a substantially augmented range of passive and electro-mechanical devices from leading global electronic component vendor, KEMET. The product line, which previously focused on capacitor technologies, now includes a broad selection of supercapacitors, miniature signal relays, AC line filters and metal composite inductors, gained through the company’s joint venture with Japanese component manufacturer NEC TOKIN.


Lattice unveils latest FPGA family targeting high-volume market
Lattice Semiconductor has announced the launch of the ECP5 family for small-cell, microserver, broadband access, industrial video and other high-volume applications where low cost, low power, and the smallest-possible form-factor are crucial. According to Lattice the ECP5 Family ‘breaks the rules’ of conventional FPGA approaches to deliver a SERDES-based solution for designers to rapidly add features and functions to complement those delivered by ASICs and ASSPs, reducing development risk and overcoming time-to-market challenges.

Atollic appointed as a founding partner of new Kinetis featured IDE initiative
Atollic has announced that its IDE, the Atollic TrueSTUDIO, has been selected by Freescale as one of only 4 professional embedded development tools designated as a featured IDE for Kinetis MCUs. Based on Eclipse and using the GNU collection of development tools the Atollic TrueSTUDIO offers an easier migration path for customers who wish to upgrade from their legacy Eclipse/GNU tools such as CodeWarrior Developer Studio for Microcontrollers to something more powerful and modern.


Linear unveils dual multi-topology DC/DC converters
Linear Technology has launched the LT8471, a dual DC/DC converter that uses two internal 2A, 50V switches and an additional 500mA switch to facilitate step-down, step-up, and inverting conversions. Each 2A channel can be independently configured as a buck, boost, SEPIC, flyback, ZETA or inverting DC/DC converter.

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